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The Buzz in Estonia: Interview with Kristi Sild of Lextal

The Buzz in Estonia: Interview with Kristi Sild of Lextal

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Similarly to the rest of the world, the major factor affecting every aspect of life is COVID-19, however, despite the crisis, things are going rather well in Estonia, according to Lextal Partner Kristi Sild.

"In terms of political developments, the overall situation remains quite stable. We have not witnessed any major political shake-ups, despite the existing external threats," Sild explains. "With regards to the pandemic, the government tried to keep the public in the loop as much as possible. The country has been quite liberal with COVID-19 restrictions and, although the number of cases is fluctuating, restrictions are being adjusted accordingly. At the moment, for instance, the schools are open and individuals are allowed to work from offices."

Sild highlights that vaccination-related regulations have impacted law firms’ activities as well. "The segregation of vaccinated and unvaccinated people has led to polarization and tensions internally," she notes. "Even though vaccination is not mandatory as such, proof of vaccination is needed to enjoy many aspects of social life, such as going to the restaurants. We have a significant rise in the number of labor disputes due to the dismissal of unvaccinated persons. These cases are very interesting from a human rights perspective."

Sild points out that "the economy is booming, as M&A and investment activities are very high and, overall, there is a lot of money on the market. Certain investors even ran into the problem of finding real estate assets that can be purchased." According to her, "a significant factor contributing to the high level of economic activity was the release of pension funds."

"This year has also been characterized by the unusually high level of IPOs, which are normally quite rare in Estonia," she adds. "The process is frequently referred to as the ‘IPOdrome.’"

LEXTAL Legal at a Glance

LEXTAL Legal Group – one of the ten largest law firms in the Baltics operating with a team of over 80 lawyers. LEXTAL Legal is a united group of law firms that includes LEXTAL in Estonia, ILAW LEXTAL in Lithuania and RER LEXTAL in Latvia.

The coverage of all three Baltic States gives additional value to our clients acting in three jurisdictions and enables us to manage complex legal projects and other matters in one hand.

  • In Estonia, LEXTAL has been a top law firm for over 10 years (6th for turnover and 4th for profit). LEXTAL Estonia’s core areas of expertise include: financial sector compliance, corporate and commercial, insurance, M&A, tax and regulatory, public procurements, dispute resolution, AI/IT and new tech (crypto).
  • In Lithuania, ILAW LEXTAL team consists of more than 35 lawyers to offer consultations and services to customers on corporate law, real estate law, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), tax law, personal data protection, intellectual property, labour law, public procurement, unfair competition and other areas of business law.
  • The core of the Law Firm RER LEXTAL in Latvia is formed by the lawyers Armands Rasa and Jānis Ešenvalds. Established in 2010, Law Firm RER LEXTAL specializing in the provision of legal assistance in legal proceedings and various business-related matters.

We focus on the results, we are full of passion, power and curiosity, our team has significant international experience in all practice areas in Baltics. You can trust us.

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